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Rhodarian is brought to you by the staff of the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services. We are Rhode Island librarians and our mission is to post items that are of interest to the general RI library community, categorized so that you can find content in your area of interest. We’d like to be interactive, so feel free to add comments to individual entries. We only ask that you stay on topic and follow the Comment Guidelines. (Because of spam, you must register before you comment.) If you have general comments or suggestions, send them to the OLIS Webmaster.


Rhodarian is written as a public service by employees of the State of Rhode Island and members of the Rhode Island library community. The blog contains links to sites that are neither created nor sponsored by the State of Rhode Island. Links to such sites are in no way an endorsement of the opinions, information, or products contained on these sites. In other words, this is not an official Rhode Island website. But it is written by official Rhode Islanders.

Readers can comment on items posted on this website. The State of Rhode Island is not responsible for the content of any comments and in no way endorses the opinions, information, or products contained on this website in posts, comments or any websites to which this site links.  We reserve the right to remove any comments deemed inappropriate.