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2014 Public Libraries Survey Data Released

By Donna DiMichele | August 9, 2016

Data from the Public Libraries Survey for FY 2014 was released by Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) on August 9, 2016. New online visualizations and tools make the data easier to explore and use. Press release

The data are collected from approximately 9,000 public library systems comprised of over 17,000 individual main libraries, library branches, and bookmobiles in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and outlying territories.

Rhode Island’s data for 2014 is online Comparable Statistics 2014  Selected data from 2015, not yet published by IMLS, is also on the OLIS website

The Public Libraries Survey added a new data element in FY 2014: the number of Wi-Fi sessions provided by libraries annually. As more states report on this element in coming years, a more accurate picture of annual Wi-Fi use in libraries will emerge. Other data collected by the survey include information about library visits; circulation; size of collections; staff; operating revenues and expenditures; and number of service outlets.

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