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Rhodarian invites and encourages all readers to post their comments.  We do moderate comments, but generally will leave them posted and unedited as long as they meet our guidelines. When we feel it is necessary to edit a comment, the editing will be clearly noted. Deleted comments will vanish without a trace. If at any time the comments feature proves problematic because of too much inappropriate content, we will turn it off. But we really don’t want to do that, so write often, but write thoughtfully!

If you comment, you must include your name on your comment. We also ask that you add the name of the library where you work or volunteer, or your connection to libraries.

Acceptable comments include those that:

Comments that will be deleted include:

Additional notes:

Because of the evil spammers, anyone who wants to comment must register.  All comments will be reviewed by OLIS staff before they are posted. Those that conform with the above guidelines will be posted in their entirety.  Once a user has had a comment approved, that user will be able to post comments freely, unless they violate the above guidelines.