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Digital Preservation Management

By Donna DiMichele | March 11, 2015

Digital Preservation Management

Are you responsible for digital preservation at your organization?  Are you interested in learning the standards, resources, policies, and work flows integral to a successful program?  Do you want to join a cohort of similar professionals as you develop your skills and organizational readiness?  Come learn how to implement short-term strategies for long-term problems.

The Digital Preservation Management Workshop, directed by Nancy Y. McGovern, is taking place June 14 – 19, 2015 at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.  Tuition fee for the week is $1,200.00 and includes four lunches and a group dinner. Information Website

The application system will open on March 16 at 9:00 ET.  No fees are due at time of application.

Workshop Audience

The workshop series is intended for managers who are or will be responsible for digital preservation programs in libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions.

Workshop Goals

Promote Practical and Responsible Stewardship of Digital Assets.  The goals of the workshop are to foster critical thinking in a technological realm and provide the means for exercising practical and responsible stewardship of digital assets in an age of technological uncertainty. The workshop sessions are geared towards making a digital preservation program doable for any organization and all of the sessions include as many relevant examples as we can fit.  The workshop focuses on the decision points involved in responding to ongoing technological changes while managing digital content across the life cycle.

Faculty for June 2015

The faculty for the workshop includes Dr. Nancy Y. McGovern, Kari R. Smith, Courtney Mumma, and Brad Westbrook. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Katherine Skinner, Executive Director of the Educopia Institute. Faculty bios

Workshop Content

The workshop includes interactive presentations, group discussions, exercises, individual assignments, and a keynote presentation by an international expert in digital preservation. Workshop attendees explore the range of components needed to develop an effective digital preservation program. Workshop materials include action plans for organizations to complete when participants return to their institutions. Action plans result in organization-specific plans that incorporate technical, financial, organizational, and policy aspects encompassing the full life cycle of digital objects. The workshop focuses on strategies for organizations to implement now, while research and development goes forward in creating longer-term solutions that can be incorporated into the program framework.


As a prerequisite for the workshop, we ask participants to work through the Digital Preservation Management Tutorial – a free resource for anyone interested in learning the foundations for digital preservation and as a starting point for advanced discussions.  The tutorial is online at:  http://www.dpworkshop.org/

If you have questions about the workshop, send an email to Dpmw-management@mit.edu

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